About us

Mary Dickow’ s style is sophisticated, edgy, contemporary and seeks authenticity, which celebrates women individuality and their essence globally. Her designs allow women a room to be playful, experimental and freedom of expression. Mary is not interested in just mass production. She wants to look at another way of dressing women to project individuality. She develops innovative approaches to creating sophisticated products that are ecosystem friendly as well as showing commitment to upholding a legacy of excellence in execution and a high-quality craftmanship.

Mary Dickow’s designs draw on environment, other design sensibilities and experiences of both Scandinavian and African heritage resulting in a clean simple blend design aesthetic that is perfectly globally. She is trying to create something in between the two worlds for the purpose of exploration and bringing fresh imagination and outlook rather than what is expected or deemed to be African or Scandinavian style.

Mary Dickow takes pride in making every product unique with carefully selected materials to make women ecstatic and feel appreciated.

Every person nurtures a natural desire of looking good and expressing individuality. The high-end brands are very expensive and not able to satisfy the changing taste of Mary Dickow’s targeted customers with unique, innovative, diverse and affordable clothing. She decided the best way to fix this situation was to create her own brand. In September 2017 Mary Dickows Fashion Company was born.

Born and raised in Kenya currently living in Denmark, Mary Dickow is a fashion designer and a graduate from Copenhagen Academy of fashion and design. Mary had a strong passion for art and cloth making when growing up. She did not always know that her great passion and interest would eventually lead her to fashion industry. This is because it was unprecedented and unfamiliar in the community she grew up, in the 80s. As she grew older, her interest of art and cloth making expanded, but it was difficult to pursue fashion. It was not a likely career path at schools and so cloth making became something she did aside her studies as a hobby. Watching shows such as Copenhagen fashion week really inspired her. She wanted to develop this passion and turn it into a career. In 2015, she joined Copenhagen Academy of fashion and design. Here she got an opportunity to amass herself in her crafts.

Social Media
Social media has been my main promotion platform. This has opened a small window of exposure.
She participated in Top Designer Award with Fashion Finest UK who discovered her on Instagram. She also participated in a small local fashion show. Local media featured her where she received positive remarks such as ‘design queen’ it was a great feeling.